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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Smoke on the Water - Hangfire Smokehouse at the Canadian, Cardiff Restaurant Review

Hangfire Smokehouse, Cardiff

Spotted any food trends arriving in Cardiff over the last year? You would have to have your head in a bucket not to notice that 'dude food' has arrived. Make no mistake, it may look simple but this type of food is not easy to get right (just ask Jay Rayner), but here in Cardiff we have a great example of what can be achieved with the right research, knowledge and skills. The product of an extended road trip around the Southern American states, Hangfire Smokehouse specialises in real smoked American barbecue.

The Big Smoke, Brains Craft Brewery, Hangfire Smokehouse Cardiff
Appropriately smoky ale
This is a real American experience, the tables are set with wooden forks, kitchen roll and wet wipes. Believe me, you're going to need them. We arrived early and grabbed a Brains Craft Brewery The Big Smoke Ale. It seemed appropriate. And under advice from Shauna. "you might want to order now, it will be really busy soon", we ordered as the kitchen opened.

Place settings, Hangfire Smokehouse Cardiff
Place settings at Hangfire (incidentally this is what you get at our house too)
Reassuringly there are no starters so we went straight in for the main event. The BBQ Pulled Pork Plate + 2 sides £8.50, a half pound of soft, gently spiced shredded pork was a winner. In fact, my boyfriend literally couldn't wait for me to get back from the bar before he started so there's no photo!

The Hangfire Plate + 2 sides £10, a mixture of ribs, chicken wings and more pulled pork was fantastic. The ribs had a gentle hickory smoke, plenty of meat, and pulled away easily from the bone, the wings were tasty with a light covering of spice.

The Hangfire Plate, Cardiff
A big plate of smoked meat - clean bones went back.
The sides are also worth mentioning. Very decent chips, sweet corn on the cob and a light coleslaw all complemented the meat well but special mention has to go to the BBQ Chili Beans with meat. Bloody brilliant they were. I couldn't tell you exactly what was in there but it tasted like smoky chipotle, garlic, paprika, and the trimmings from both brisket and pork. Pour that over the chips and you have an amazing supper.
Chili beans, Hangfire Smokehouse Cardff
The best chili beans ever
I also have to mention the homemade sauces which cut through the richness of the meats. We had three to try from, a traditional Kansas BBQ, a hot, vinegary South Carolina Mustard Sauce and my favourite, the dark, sharp, Texas Espresso BBQ.

Homemade BBQ sauces, Hangfire Smokehouse, Cardiff
Sharp homemade sauces
By the time we finished I'd used up half a dozen sheets of kitchen roll, 2 wet wipes and only lifted my fork to set about the coleslaw and beans. My only word of caution is that they alter their service times and locations, don't accept bookings and take orders only until they run out so aim to get there for as close to their opening time as possible!

The Canadian, Splott, Hangfire Smokehouse

The bar at The Canadian, Hangfire Smokehouse Cardiff

Hangfire Smokehouse
The Canadian, Pearl Street, Splott, Cardiff CF24 1PN
Tel: 029 2045 3141 

Twitter: @hangfirebbq

Hang Fire Smokehouse @ The Canadian on Urbanspoon
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