Monday, 21 October 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate - Thorntons Continental Chocolate Review

When I mentioned to friends that I had been asked to review a box of chocolates by Thorntons it trigged a series of nostalgic stories from the days when fine chocolate were a very occasional treat and Thorntons was the only name on the high street. By now, quality chocolate is more readily available and tastes have shifted towards ever darker chocolate.

I was interested then, to see whether Thorntons chocolate could still impress as a high end chocolatier. Asked to select from their website I chose the Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Selection (£19.99).

Very prettily packaged, in simple black, white and pink, the box has 2 layers of chocolate on each tier.

The chocolates themselves are a comprehensive selection of pralines, truffles and include Thorntons classics like Alpini, Diplomat and Ganache au Marc de Champagne which is always a winner.

Particularly good was the Cherry Truffle, but at the other end of the scale the Scilian Lemon and Amour were disappointing, lacking in hits of lemon and marzipan respectively.

This would be an excellent selection for a group of people and would be a safe bet to take to a dinner party given the breadth of flavours and textures on offer. It also represents very good value when compared per 100g with other high end options.

For me, taking the box overall, I would have enjoyed more dark chocolate and some stronger and more interesting flavours. The brand is currently repositioning itself in a rapidly changing market and their efforts are paying off with sales on the increase, hopefully once on a more solid footing, this will follow through to a refresh of the product and another 100 years!

Thorntons Chocolates

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