Friday, 21 October 2011

La Becasse - Masterclass

Those of you who read my earlier post reviewing dinner at La Becasse will already know that I was impressed with the quality and inventiveness of the food and service and happy to accept that with inventiveness will come some minor aspects of dishes that aren’t quite to everyone’s taste.

The morning after our dinner I was back at the restaurant at 9.30 for a masterclass on raspberries followed by lunch. The morning started with coffee and cake and a chat with chef Will Holland after which we were taken to the kitchen for the masterclass.

The class

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the session but was thrilled that we were taken to the kitchen to find all the chefs who were prepping for the lunch service. It took huge willpower not to go for a wander round the kitchen shoving my fingers into the various sauces and prodding bits of equipment but I suppose I would have been politely shown the door so as it was I behaved myself and tried to pay attention.

We were provided with a clipboard and pen to take notes (the quantities were provided on email a couple of days later but the method wasn’t). The recipes were:

·         Raspberry vinegar

·         Raspberry and hazelnut dressing (including the vinegar)

·         Beetroot cooking liquor (used in the goats cheese starter)

·         Raspberry soufflé

Along the way we picked up some useful technique tips like how to properly butter a soufflé dish (twice, with a pastry brush, refrigerating between coats), emulsifying a salad dressing, the importance of good scales and how to whip egg whites.

Chef Will Holland was engaging, friendly and talkative, very happy to take questions (and we had plenty!) and passionate about his business. Masterclass groups are usually up to 10 people but for a variety of reasons there were 4 of us so we had more of his time and attention and could all see what was happening. Overall impressions of the kitchen were that it was calm (no MPW style histrionics here), professional and efficient, an impression that carried through to front of house.


At about 11.45 it was time for us to leave the chefs to their lunch service so we were shown back to the lounge for a glass of champagne and some nibbles and other guests started to arrive. At this point we had some time with Nico (?) the sommelier who was happy to share with us about his experiences of working at La Becasse. I took the opportunity to ask him to persuade Alan Murchison to make Cardiff the next destination for a fine dining restaurant (it was worth a shot!). I don’t intend on reviewing the whole of the lunch here but the standards that had been set the previous evening were on display again and we had the opportunity to try a few of the recipes we had seen in the kitchen.  The wine choices were bold and (for me anyway) educational, particularly the choice of a madeira to accompany the cheese course and a sweet red dessert wine to accompany the raspberry soufflé.

Final thoughts
At £99 per person I thought that the whole day was very very good value, not all restaurants could do this but the team made sure that we felt welcome. The culture that the they work in is the single most significant factor in enabling days like this to be a success.
When I finally left at about 3.30 I had already decided to sign up for another once next year’s schedule is published. Let me know if you fancy coming along!

La Becasse is a fine dining restaurant in the historic and picturesque Medieval market town of Ludlow with Chef Will Holland manning the stoves.

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  1. What a fantastic sounding day, and you're right, that is exceptionally good value. Most of these 'experiencces' have prohibitive prices, but this sounds good.

    Hannah @ Love to Dine


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